How to Organize Your Life Using Evernote

Evernote LogoAs part of my blog I want to let you know of cool, useful websites, apps, and tools to help you make your life EPIC. In the spirit of this, my first suggestion is an app called Evernote. Not only is it an app, but it is a website and the two are integrated to allow you to seamlessly share information between your phone and your computer.

I’ll admit, I’m somewhat of a forgetful person. My mom probably knows this best, but when I was told to do something growing up there was a tendency for me not to do it, unless I wrote it down. I was not simply a rebel child trying to piss her off; I legitimately would forget.

Knowing my tendency to forget things, I started using Evernote. After all, their slogan is “Remember everything”.

My Experience With Evernote

I started using this app about a year ago and I have loved it ever since. I use it to write down big ideas (I’m an idea man; I’m always coming up with ideas for different things) and anything important to me. I’ll also create a variety of lists, organize my daily schedule, and so much more. This app is something I use every single day and has really allowed me to organize my life effectively.

I’ll give you some insights into the top benefits of using Evernote, some of the best featuresreal world uses, and how you can start using it today to help organize your life.

Top Benefits of Evernote:

  1. Never forgetting anything. It is their motto and if you are like me, your phone is probably close to you at all times; use this to your advantage. Store important ideas as soon as you think of them.
  2. Syncing across all devices. Sync your notes on your mobile devices as well as your desktop computer to easily view them anywhere.
  3. Storing photographs. What better way to remember things than including a picture? Also, you can group your pictures into notebooks based on whatever parameters you like.
  4. Recording audio. If you are sick of always typing things into your phone you can always record them into a note with this feature. I often times use this as my journal for the day.
  5. Saving cool websites and website articles. With the web clipper feature you can easily save websites or articles you find on your computer and view them on your mobile device straight from the Evernote app. You could even use this feature in place of your bookmarks on your browser.
  6. Setting reminders. Of course you can do this with other apps, but having everything integrated into one place is extremely convenient.
  7. Sharing notes with anybody. Share your notes on Facebook or Twitter or through your own  URL provided by Evernote for each of your notes that allows you to share notes with anybody over the internet. You could share a Christmas list, business notes, or anything! You want to see for yourself? Click here.

Real World Uses of Evernote:

Take pictures of everything! 

Seriously, do it. Now, I’m not simply talking about taking pictures of literally everything. You can take pictures of business cards, important passages from a book you are reading, what you eat every day as part of a food journal, recites, handwritten notes, bank statements; take picture of things that will help you de-clutter your life. Remember, the goal is to use this app to help organize your life.   

Chart your fitness progress.

I just briefly touched on this in the last paragraph, but using Evernote to chart fitness progress has to be mentioned here. You can keep track of the foods you eat (something I have my personal training clients do), workouts you have done, and how you are feeling each workout; accountability is crucial! You can take pictures of a workout notebook, upload notes directly, or use the voice recorder function to talk about how your workouts went.

Keep track of ideas.

Ever have an idea for something but you didn’t write it down? What normally happens is you end up forgetting it. Granted, most of these ideas are small and may not have huge consequences for forgetting them. However, this will not be the case for all your ideas; one idea can change the world.

Accumulate motivational quotes. 

Everyone can use a pick-me-up from time to time. Find some motivational quotes you enjoy for when you need them the most.

Make travel plans. 

Go to a few different travel sites and use the web clipper feature to save the best sites you find. Create notes that include ideas for travel destinations as well as plans for your upcoming adventures.

Save recipes. 

Want to have all your recipes easily accessible and ready to share with others? This app is perfect for that. You could write the instructions, list the ingredients, and include a picture of what the recipe actually makes. Organize all your recipes by breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or anything else you choose.

Save important documents. 

If you want to have important documents easily accessible at all times save them to Evernote. You can access them on all of your devices whenever you need to.

Remember usernames and passwords.

This one you may have to be careful about, but you can save all of your usernames and passwords in one spot, just like I did. With a premium account you can even password protect notebooks.

Create useful lists. 

Make daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, ongoing to-do lists, grocery shopping lists, Christmas lists, lists of your favorite books or movies, a bucket list, a list of your goals, a list of local business phone numbers; you get the picture. You can make a list for pretty much anything.

Improve your shopping experience.

Whether you are searching for small items like a new shirt or a new pair of shoes, or bigger items like a house or car, you can use Evernote to make shopping easier. Use the web clipper feature and clip together different options you find online to easily compare items and make the best decision possible.

Start a journal

Keep track of your thoughts, feelings, interests, or anything of importance to you. Heck, if you don’t like to write you can use the voice recorder feature and easily make an audio journal.

Starting today:

1. Open up an account, for free!

2. Start writing notes, taking pictures, recording audio, and clipping websites. (Try making a to-do list for tomorrow or creating a journal tonight and write down your thoughts of the day).

3. Enjoy! The more you use it, the more you will love it. I can tell you from experience that you will be hooked as soon as you try it out.

The uses of Evernote are endless. I thought up and researched some of the top ones, but there are many more.

Remember, the goal is not to use this app to make more work for you; it is to use the app to help organize your life and remember everything. Don’t let the app use you, use the app!

Live EPIC!


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