Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Another marvelous Thanksgiving in the books!

This Thanksgiving was a bit more mellow for me than normal.

My parents and I visited my grandma in the morning and then came back to our house to eat some food and watch the Packer game.

I almost wish we hadn’t watched the game after that abysmal showing, but that is a rant I won’t get into at this time 🙂

We watched a movie together after that, something we hadn’t done in years it seems like and it was nice, really nice.

I enjoyed spending some quality time with my parents and I couldn’t help but smile at different times just thinking about how blessed I am in so many ways.

It also felt great to just relax a bit during Thanksgiving and not worry about anything else; the holidays are great for that.

I really enjoyed this Thanksgiving and I hope you did as well!

Moving on from this Thanksgiving and into the next holiday let’s try to be thankful more often. Why do I say this?

When is the last time prior to Thanksgiving that you really thought about all that you have been blessed with?

I know I am guilty of forgetting about my blessings from time to time, but why should we wait till Thanksgiving to really show our thanks for all that we have?

I believe the more appreciative we are every day with all that we have the better our lives will be.

Have a great day!


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