How Jerry Lost 70 Pounds and How You Can Lose Weight Too

Jerry - Before Picture

Jerry at 270 Pounds

Jerry contacted me in the summer of 2012 looking to do what so many other people want to do – lose weight.

At that time Jerry weighed 270 pounds and, due to a family history of health problems, he knew that he needed to lose weight.

I was working out of Milwaukee during that summer, but he was in La Crosse. However, he saw that I was offering online personal training and wanted to give it a try.

Within about 6 months of working with Jerry he had lost 45 pounds.

After a little over a year Jerry was down 70 pounds in total and weighed 200 pounds – his ultimate goal weight!

To really put this in perspective I want you to go to the gym and pick up two 35 pound plate, hold them for a few seconds, play with them, do what you want with them – that is how much weight Jerry lost. Craziness, I know.

Jerry Lost 70 Pounds

Jerry at 200 pounds!

Because of his tremendous weight loss Jerry feels tremendously better every day and I couldn’t be happier for him!

Just yesterday Jerry told me about a yearly meeting he had for work. His regional manager didn’t even recognize him because of all the weight he lost!

Furthermore, other employees who hadn’t seen him since a year ago were stunned to see how he looked compared to last year!

Hard work definitely pays off!

Today, I continue to work with Jerry and his weight fluctuates between 195 and 200 pounds – a far cry from his days of weighing more than 270 pounds!

How was Jerry able to have so much success and lose all of that weight? Read on!

Preparing for Success

To start off our training I had Jerry answer various questions about his health history, exercise history, goals, and other things that would best help me create a program tailored to his exact needs.

We talked a bit about nutrition and some simple strategies he could implement to achieve success.

This first step of the process is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked. This really allowed me to have a vision of where Jerry wanted to end up.

Not long after getting the proper information from Jerry I put together a program for him.

The Program

Of course you are wondering, what did Jerry actually do for his training?

Without going into too much detail I’ll tell you about Jerry’s program.

Based on the time availability Jerry had I designed a 4 day per week lifting program with Mondays/Thursdays being upper body days and Tuesdays/Fridays being lower body days.

Early on in his training Tuesdays and Thursdays tended to be the higher volume days working with more more total reps in the workouts and the other days were lower in volume.

We started very easy to allow him to develop a good base of training so he could handle more later. During the first weeks he would do anywhere from 2 sets of an exercise up to 4 sets. Later on in his training he would do as many as 6 sets for an exercise depending on the specific goal of the block of training.

Keeping in mind that Jerry’s main goal was weight loss I had him do a great deal of supersets and compound sets. Furthermore the rest times, in general, were kept short.

Now, we did have blocks of training where we worked on strength a bit more and of course the rest periods were adjusted appropriately, but for weight loss purposes the rest periods are kept short to raise the metabolic cost of the session.

On top of the lifting I had Jerry do I included in his program some cardiovascular exercise as well.

Jerry started doing 3 cardio sessions per week on top of the lifting. Would I suggest a beginner to do this every time? No, not at all. However, Jerry wanted to do as much as he could so I included them in from the start.

I have to say that these aren’t your typical cardio sessions.

I’m not a big fan at all of just going to the gym, hopping on the treadmill for a 30 minute jog and leaving. Why? Because it is really ineffective and there are so many other ways of training that are better.

Is any physical activity better than no activity? In many ways, yes. However if you value your time and really want to get results why not do the most effective training you can?

For Jerry’s cardio sessions I mostly had him doing some type of interval. After all, Interval training is top dog when it comes to fat loss.

Over time Jerry progressed to 4 cardio sessions as well as 4 lifting sessions per week, but like I said he progressed to this point. I’m not at all suggesting that you do this right away if you want to lose weight.

In terms of nutrition Jerry tended to eat of lots chicken, eggs, fruit, veggies, rice, and salads. Often times different types of nuts were what he had for snacks. On top of that he consumed lots of water.

Furthermore, he worked on limiting going up for seconds whenever it applied and eating slowly to control his portion sizes.

There are lots of things you can do to clean up your nutrition. If you want some help with that, contact me.

What does this all mean for you if you are looking to lose weight?

For starters, don’t get overwhelmed with things. There are many different ways to exercise and ways to eat, but finding what will work for you is best. Hiring a personal trainer is going to be the easiest way to get started.

Yes, I am a trainer so maybe I’m biased, but I know how difficult it can be for people to get in better shape and hiring a trainer can give you a jump start to help you get fit and, more importantly, stay fit for the rest of your life.

If I were to give you the the 3 most important thing to start with when losing weight it would be these:

  1.  Commit to it. Write it down, post it on your wall, or do whatever else you can, but you need to commit to losing weight. While committing to losing weight won’t guarantee you results right away it will help you out tremendously in starting.
  2. Get moving. Think of being more active on a daily basis. You don’t have to start with working out for 3 hours a day or anything of that nature, just start somewhere. If you haven’t exercised at all in months then start with simply walking more. From there you progress to more and more activity.
  3. Find someone to keep you accountable. Having someone to keep you accountable is one of the most important factors in weight loss. For Jerry I was his accountability. He knew I was going to be checking in on him frequently and would want to know how every workout was going. For you it could be a workout partner, a friend who checks in on you for every workout, or a personal trainer. The chances of you losing weight go up dramatically if you find a person to make you more accountable.

Looking for more information on losing weight, getting back in shape, or how to take your training to another level? Feel free to contact me!

Have a great day!


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