Never Giving Up on a Dream

Never Give Up Quote PictureThis quote by Earl Nightingale is one of my favorites and I think about it daily, but why this one? Why this specific quote?

There are thousands of great quotes out there; they help motivate us, inspire us, and become a big part of us, but this one just seemed to resonate with me more than many others.

You see, I’m a dreamer. I’ll admit it, I’m always dreaming of big things. I really think we can do whatever we want with our lives, so why not dream big?

Though I dream of big things, I’m also human. I have my doubts about things just like anybody else.

Many of you, have dreams of big things as well, so how do you realize them? How do you make them a reality? Where do you get started? How do you keep working on a daily basis when you don’t always see progress?

I really think that understanding this quote and applying it is crucial in our lives if we want to live out our dreams.

So what if it takes a year, five years, ten years, or twenty years to accomplish the dream you have for your life? The time will pass anyway.

Never give up on your dream.



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