Workout Challenge: Push Ups

Push Up

As I mentioned in my last post, working out to get results is all about progress.

By assessing your progress every few weeks you can see how far you have come over a period of time.

Today, I give you a push up challenge to test your upper body strength and endurance.

You can use this challenge whenever you want; on the weekend, during the week, on one of your off days – the choice is yours.

Complete the challenge one week and 4-5 weeks later do it again and see how you have progressed.

Only count quality reps. If you have to start by doing modified push ups from your knees then you can do that too; you’ll still be able to see progress.

What is the push up challenge for today?

The push up challenge today comes from strength coach Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors. All you are going to do is start a timer and do as many quality push ups as you can in 3 minutes. You can take as many breaks as needed during the 3 minutes, but the clock will keep going.

Here is the TFW Rating Scale:

  • Below Average Under 54
  • Average 55-74
  • Good 75-99
  • Excellent 100-110
  • Extraordinary 111+

How many push ups can you complete?

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