The Packers!

I have to admit, I’m on cloud 9 after the Green Bay Packer’s win over the Chicago Bears tonight to secure their spot in the playoffs.

I’ve been a Packer fan all of my life and it is great to see them have so much success over the years.

This particular game was a nail-bitter until the very end and it proves once again why sports are so great.

Also, even though he didn’t play his best game, I was very impressed by Aaron Rodgers. He has been out weeks and weeks with an injury and yet he still plays at a high level like nothing even happened.

Having played football for 13 years of my life I understand how much hard work and preparation goes into a football season.

At the NFL I know they put even more time into their preparation and I even was able to witness a few NFL players workout this off-season in California.

An NFL game is the culmination of all that hard work and I marvel at it. Everything is put together for one game a week and it is amazing to watch. The plays these guys make are incredible and I can’t wait to watch some more football next week with the playoffs starting up.

Go Pack Go!




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