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Kobe Bryant’s Insane Work Ethic: An Example For Athletes Everywhere

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I’ve always been fascinated to know what professional athletes do to prepare for a season.

Growing up I played basketball and football. I would constantly look up what NFL and NBA players were doing to get ready for their respective season and I’d pull some things away from there to use in my own training. Furthermore, I was always inspired by how much time they committed to getting better at their sports.

Professional athletes are the best at what they do – they are the elite. Even the bench warmers in the NBA still are extremely good basketball players (Though some people may argue with me on this point). Continue reading

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Why 400 Posts In 400 Days?

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This past summer when I first tried out this whole blogging thing the audience I had in mind was really just my friends and family.

During the summer I was an intern at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California and I wanted to share my experience with them.

Blogging was an easy way to keep my family and friends up to date with things I was doing; things like catching passes from Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, helping run various kids camps, taking in knowledge bombs from other trainers, attending national fitness conferences like IDEA and Perform Better, taking adventures to places like Laguna Beach, enjoying that SoCal sunshine – you know, fun stuff like that. Continue reading

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Changing the World – Elon Musk

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On Tuesday, I posted a video of Elon Musk on my Facebook page. If you haven’t seen it yet you view it on the bottom of this post.

The video is about 53 minutes long, but worth the time investment (You can skip the first 5 minutes as well to save you a bit more time).

If 53 minutes seems like too much time for you then you could do what I did and listen to it on your smart phone while you prepare and eat your breakfast (A habit I suggest doing in a past post I wrote that you can find here).

I’ll let you know a couple of things in this post starting out with who Elon Musk is and then telling you some interesting takeaways from the video. Continue reading

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Explore. Dream. Discover.

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Alwyn Cosgrove’s Hierarchy Of Fat Loss

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The majority of people I have worked with as a personal trainer in the past want to lose fat.

The majority of people I will work with in the future will want to lose fat.

Because of these two statements I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to find the best methods to help others lose fat. And, due to the obesity problem in the United States these days, I really think this is a great investment of my time to be able to help the largest amount of people.

Unless you compete in sumo wrestling you are probably one of those people who wants to lose some body fat. Continue reading

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How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

I’ll be honest with you, losing fat without losing muscle can be rather difficult. Why you say?

To simplify things, in order to lose fat you create some type of caloric deficit and with this often comes losing both fat and muscle – not good because a lower amount of muscle mass will mean a lower metabolism which will make it harder to maintain a lower weight.

How can you lose fat without losing muscle? Watch the video for some insights. Continue reading

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What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

We all have hopes and dreams.

We have goals we want to accomplish, places we want to see, people we want to meet, and things we want to do.

We have an endless of amount of possibilities in our lives and I really think this is one of the things that makes life so amazing. With all of these possibilities though the real question is: What do you want to do before you die? Continue reading

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Workout Challenge: Push Ups

As I mentioned in my last post, working out to get results is all about progress.

By assessing your progress every few weeks you can see how far you have come over a period of time.

Today, I give you a push up challenge to test your upper body strength and endurance. Continue reading

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Progress: The Most Important Factor For Results

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In 2011 I squatted over 400 pounds for the first time. This isn’t super-human by any means, but for me it was a solid number for my 195 pound body and I was happy with it.

After squatting that much weight I couldn’t help but think back to my early days of training and how I’d probably done thousands of squats prior to that big day.

In middle school I started doing body weight squats and eventually progressed to lightweight squats with a bar. Continue reading

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Never Giving Up on a Dream

This quote by Earl Nightingale is one of my favorites and I think about it daily, but why this one? Why this specific quote?

There are thousands of great quotes out there; they help motivate us, inspire us, and become a big part of us, but this one just seemed to resonate with me more than many others. Continue reading

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