Top 5 Benefits Of Push Ups

Push UpI always seem to get the same, discouraged, look when I tell my clients we are doing push ups.

This is understandable – push ups are difficult for a lot of people, especially beginners and women, so of course people are hesitant.

However, the benefits of push ups are too great not to include them in your own workout program – regardless of your ability level.

Here are the top 5 benefits of push ups:

  1. Increased upper body strength and endurance. This one is rather obvious, I know, but it still has to be noted. Push ups are great for increasing strength and endurance in your upper body. Does that mean if you only do push ups you’ll be able to bench 400 pounds? Probably not, but they are still are a tremendous exercise.
  2. Reduced chance of back pain. With push ups you are essentially practicing good posture throughout the movement and this can be very beneficial in terms of reducing the chances of you having back pain due to the strengthening of those muscles responsible for posture. I suppose mother was right – good posture is important.
  3. Stronger stabilizer muscles in you shoulders. Because you are not lying on a bench like in the bench press exercise you work your shoulder stabilizer muscles much more – definitely an important benefit in avoiding injuries.
  4. Stronger core muscles.  Push ups are a tremendous upper body exercise and they are also great for strengthening your core as well. Think about how you have to maintain a straight body throughout, without keep your core engaged your body sags – there is more to push ups than you thought.
  5. Increased overall fitness. Have you ever tried to knock out as many push ups as you can in a set? You’ll notice that you’ll be breathing hard and feel a bit fatigued. Because push ups work multiple muscle groups at once the metabolic cost of them is rather high – leading to you burning more calories.

If you can’t already tell I am a HUGE fan of push ups. They are so beneficial and can be done anywhere and by anyone.

If you are a beginner you can make some modifications to make them easier like having your hands on a bench, doing push ups from your knees, or doing push ups against a wall.

If you are more advanced you can make push ups harder by having your feet on a bench or a stability ball, wearing a weighted vest, or slowing down the tempo – there are lots of options.

Looking for a fun way to see where you are at with your push ups? Try out the push up challenge and let me know how you do!

Have a great day!


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