Workout Challenge: The Mantathlon

It is fair to say I like workout challenges.

Yes they can be difficult to do depending on which one you dare try out, but I think they are fun. They allow us to see where we are at and compare our progress over time.

Today’s challenge comes from Martin Rooney, one of the best strength and conditioning coaches around. You can see the entire article here (I’d definitely advise you take a look at it).

He calls this challenge The Mantathlon and it is part of his Train Like a Man series of articles on I found these recently and find them pretty valuable.

The Mantathlon challenge includes the following:

  • Bodyweight Bench Press for Reps
  • Bodyweight Chin-ups for Reps
  • Half-Bodyweight Overhead Press for Reps
  • 1.25 Bodyweight Dips for Reps
  • Half-Bodyweight Barbell Curl for Reps

Before you start the challenge make sure to do some warm up sets and to weigh yourself so you can see how much weight you are suppose to do for each exercise.

For the challenge you have 20 minutes to complete it and time starts with your first set of the bench press.

For the grading scale and demonstration videos check out the entire article here!

Have a great day!


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