The Importance of Perfection

I have a love/hate relationship with perfection.

On one hand perfection is crippling.

We see examples of how crippling perfection can be every day. If you want a real world example just look at a few magazines.

The people on the cover are often photo-shopped to make them appear to be “perfect” in the eyes of society.

This standard of perfection is seen by millions of people which henceforth causes problems like eating disorders.

I did a quick search for how many people have an eating disorder and it is estimated that about 24 million people in the United States alone have one.

Is this all caused by magazine covers? No.

Obviously there are many factors that come into play, but the idea of perfection plays a large role in this problem – like I said, perfection can be crippling.

On the other hand perfection is the greatest idea ever.

Perfection gives us something to strive for and allows us to constantly refine our methods and search a little more for a better way of doing things.

The car company Lexus for instance has a slogan of “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection“.

This slogan or idea pushes them to make their cars better – paying attention to even the smallest details.

With the Olympics coming up soon you will find a large concentration of athletes who are chasing perfection and have been doing so for years.

These athletes have put in countless training sessions week after week to prepare for this one event constantly trying to progress closer and closer to perfection.

We can’t deny the importance of this idea of perfection, but at the same time we have to be aware of that fact that perfect circumstances shouldn’t be our determining factors in how we live our life.

I heard a great quote a few years ago that said “there isn’t a perfect time to take action, but there is a best time.”

If you want to do anything in life, whether that is losing weight, asking a girl or guy out, reconnecting with an old friend, or whatever else I really believe it is important to take action and not worry about things being perfect.

Make progress towards your goals every day and when you string enough days together you’ll be amazed by the results.

I think it is great when we strive for perfection, but we have to realize we live in a flawed world where we make mistakes and the most important thing is to make progress – become a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday.

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