Getting Stronger: It’s All About Progression

I had a training session with one of my clients last night and between sets of squats, pull ups, bench presses, and rows (just to name a few exercises I have him doing) we talked a bit about the progress he has made thus far.

His goal, like many other people, is to get stronger. He had trained on his own for quite some time and stalled out – he wasn’t making any more progress. All the hours he was spending in the gym were leading to him having the exact same results he had always had because he was doing the same old routine he had always done.

This is what many people do when they go to the gym and it really hinders them from getting the results they desire.

I believe strongly in having some sort of progression (Click here to learn more about progressing workouts). This will allow you to get results – something you probably care a little bit about.

With this client of mine we’ve already had some success in the first couple of weeks of training. His numbers on pretty much everything have gone up. This shouldn’t be surprising at all because of the progressive approach we took to things.

At first, before we really got into any type of plan, we established a baseline. I had him max out in a few different lifts so we could see exactly where he was at – no guessing, just concrete data on his current ability level.

After we had some numbers to work off of I developed a program based on progression. Every week we add a little bit more whether it was an extra 5 pounds, an extra set, or some more reps. What we did was based on how he handled each session.

This approach applies to anyone in the gym and can help you achieve success. Have an idea of where you want to get to and progress each and every week towards that goal.

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