How To Find Inspiration To Succeed At Anything

NBA: Washington Wizards at Toronto RaptorsAt the beginning of the summer before my 8th grade season of basketball I attended a basketball camp.

Like many of the camps I ended up attending in middle school as well as in high school there was a guest speaker.

This particular camp was the Brown Deer Basketball Camp and so the speaker was Steve Novak, current NBA basketball player and a Brown Deer High School graduate.

Steve dominated in high school, played basketball at Marquette and now plays for the Toronto Raptors. He is regarded as one of the best shooters in the NBA.

Back when he was talking at this camp he mentioned how he became such a good shooter – through consistent practice.

Every day when he was in high school he would make 300 shots. Yup, MAKE, 300 shots – every single day.

After hearing him speak what did I do? I made 300 shots every day throughout the rest of the summer. I was so inspired by his dedication and I knew that the practice would pay off.

Turns out all that practice was worth it. When basketball season came around that year my team did amazing. We dominated tournaments and were nearly unstoppable. We even made it to the national tournament for Lutheran schools – a huge deal for us.

Now, would I have practiced that summer without hearing about how Steve Novak became such a good player? Of course I would have. However, Steve was my inspiration to do more – to push myself farther.

My inspiration came from knowing that I was on the right track. I was taking the necessary steps to succeed. Knowing that someone else had done what I wanted to do and that they had taken similar steps gave me confidence.  

Find ways to get inspired in your life. We all need to be inspired and motivated and the great thing is that there are inspirational people, places, and things everywhere – you just have to look.

You will undoubtedly have your fair share of setbacks on your path to succeeding at anything, but that shouldn’t stop you. Stay strong and keep moving forward.

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