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5 Ways To Eat Less And Lose Weight

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During my last cheat day (The one day a week I get to eat whatever I want) I decided to measure out just how much of the Lucky Charms cereal I had just poured into the massive bowl I was using.

You see, throughout my years of loving cereal such as Lucky Charms I’d always seen the label, noticed that it was only 110 calories per serving, and gone to town, eating till my heart was content.

I figured each bowl of cereal I had was probably about 2 servings, not a big deal to me. It’s not like I had to worry about my weight or anything – I played sports from the time I was little all the way through college and was always extremely physically active. Continue reading

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A Little Motivation For You

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Help Me Help YOU

After finishing up my first 100 blog posts I really have to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my posts thus far. I’ll admit it isn’t always easy to write posts every … Continue reading

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100th Blog Post! Here Are My Top 6 Favorites Thus Far

This is my 100th blog post and I must say I’m pretty excited about this! Writing has not always been easy for me and I’ll admit for many years I absolutely HATED writing. Nowadays it is something I have grown to … Continue reading

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6 Carb Articles You Should Read

Oh yes, carbs – those macronutrients that everyone is going so crazy over.

With the discussion of carbs comes up a plethora of questions:

How many should I consume?
Do they make me fat?
Are they bad?
When should I eat them?

I’ll admit, my view on carbs has definitely changed over time. Depending on what your goal is, your carb intake will vary greatly. Continue reading

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1 Simple Trick to Avoid Weight Gain

There are plenty of people out there who want to lose weight, but what about avoiding weight gain?

If you are sliding down a hill and want to go back up it wouldn’t the first step be to stop sliding?

Weight loss works in the same way. Continue reading

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Finding Happiness Every Day

I’m back at the Colectivo Coffee Cafe again for the second day in a row to get some work done.

The Lakefront location of this cafe is in the historic Milwaukee River Flushing Station – a building that has been around since 1888.

It is definitely a building to marvel at with its exposed brick, tall ceilings, and unique design features, not to mention its location right on Lake Michigan.

I’m a sucker for interesting design and architecture and I’ll drive the extra 20 minutes for that aspect of the Colectivo Cafe alone. Continue reading

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Refining Your Methods: Taking Time To Improve

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I just spent the last three and a half hours working on an improved system for my clients to help them achieve MASSIVE success.

I haven’t quite finished it up yet, but I have to say that I’m super excited to get it finished up and start implementing it with them!

I’ve been using certain methods for a while now, but wanted to be even more organized and offer MORE to my clients. Continue reading

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5’6″ High School QB Earns A Big 12 Scholarship

We all lose our motivation to do things – life gets in the way and we lose sight of what we really want. We get side tracked and fall off the path we know we should be on.

It is now the middle of February and how many of you are still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you have fallen off, don’t worry, you can always get things going again today.

To give you a bit of motivation to keep persevering I’ll share with you an inspirational story I found recently. Continue reading

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Preventing Burnout: My Fellow Workaholics Take Note

I’ll admit something – I’m a workaholic.

I’m always working on something, whether that is a new project, a new blog post, research, new programs for my clients – the list goes on and on.

The balance between work and rest is rather difficult to maintain for people like me. Continue reading

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