Avoiding Complacency: Never Stop Learning and Growing

We all get complacent at times – staying in our comfort zones and taking the path of least resistance.

This way of life is easy, but also something we have to be careful to avoid.

As we become complacent more and more we stop learning, we stop growing, and we settle for mediocrity. 

I’m constantly trying to avoid complacency, but it can be quite difficult for me as well. There are plenty of days when I’m worn out and tired and would rather spend 2 hours watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix rather than reading about fitness, nutrition, or personal development.

To overcome complacency I plan, prepare, and put myself in an environment that will help me do so – often times this place is a coffee shop.

This morning, for example, I arrived at Starbucks at 6 a.m. and have been reading and writing since – trying to learn and grow personally and professionally (Here I am writing still after about four hours).

For you to avoid complacency think about these 2 questions:

  1. What am I currently doing in all aspects of my life? (A little self-evaluation) 
  2. What can I do to improve on a daily basis? (How you will learn and grow)

Of course, you should also be grateful for where you are at. Expressing gratitude is crucial to our happiness, but as we get complacent we limit ourselves and don’t get everything we could have out of this beautiful experience we call life.

Avoid complacency and continue to learn and grow till the end of your days.

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