Exercise That Fits Your Lifestyle

We all have different amounts of time we would like to spend on exercise, but this variation can create some difficulties.

The biggest problem that arises from our varied lifestyles is deciding what type and how much exercise will give you the best bang for your buck – helping you get your desired results.

Of course there are a few factors that come into play:

  • Finding the type of exercise you will actually do
  • Figuring out what a realistic amount of time is you can spend exercising each week
  • Making the most of the time you do spend exercising

For the busy executive they may only want to spend 30-45 minutes per training session a few times per week.

For a college student with an easy course load they might want to spend an hour and a half every day working out.

The amount of time you have available, your training history, your physical ability level , and your goals for exercising, are all going to play a part in deciding what to do.

I’ll break things down for you based on the number of days per week you want to train and assume you want to lose fat or lose weight. If you are interested to know how you could train if your goal is gaining muscle mass or strength contact me. The schedule of things won’t be that far off.

2 Days Per Week

If you have 2 days per week to train I would have you do strength training sessions each day and end with some high intensity intervals.

Depending on how much time you have available we would do more sets of intervals and a little longer strength session.

3 Days Per Week

For 3 days per week I would also have you strength train each day. For some clients I may have them do one upper body session, one lower body session, and one total body session of strength training and again mix in high intensity intervals after session.

For a more advanced client I would have them do total body strength training sessions each time.

4 Days Per Week

Ah yes becoming a little more committed now with 4 days per week. For this type of time availability I like to have clients do 2 sessions of upper body and 2 sessions of lower body strength training. I would also include intervals for 2 of these sessions and the other 2 sessions I would have clients do some lower intensity type of cardiovascular exercise.

5 Days Per Week

The 5 day per week exerciser would have a similar schedule as the 4 day per week exerciser. I would have them do 4 days of lifting again, but with the extra day I would use that to have them add some more cardiovascular exercise to help burn some more calories. Now, this wouldn’t be very intense, but the additional calorie burn would help shed some more fat.

Do you want to take your life to the next level?

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