4 Things To Understand About Weight Loss

I was talking with one of my clients today and she was really down in the dumps.

She started working out again recently and after losing some weight the first week she ended up gaining a couple of pounds in the next week – this was very upsetting to her.

She had tried losing weight before, had some success, and then fallen off. She felt like her hard work wasn’t paying off and she thought it was hopeless for her to actually eat healthier and make the changes she knew she needed to make.

Without a doubt she isn’t alone in her thinking.

Many people struggle to lose weight – you may be one of them, but there a few things you need to understand about weight loss:

  1. Losing weight takes time. I know you don’t want to hear this, but losing weight takes time. Everyone is focused on losing weight as fast as possible, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Can you lose 1, 2, 3, or even 4 pounds in a week? Sure, but it takes consistent effort.
  2. Muscle weighs more than fat. I tell my clients to get their body composition measured so they can see what percentage body fat they are at. Why is this important? Because a 150 pound person at 25% body fat looks tremendously different than a 150 pound person at 10% body fat – just looking at a scale doesn’t do justice. Muscle weighs more than fat, so body composition is going to be important to look at. Just because you may not have lost weight on the scale doesn’t mean you haven’t made some progress.
  3. Focusing on progress pays off. Progress is everything. How do you lose 100 pounds? 1 pound at a time. If you focus on progressing week to week, doing a little more than last time, the results will come. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of time it may take to get your results, the time will pass anyways and you’ll wish you had focused on progressing every week.
  4. Habit change will allow you to have lasting results. You can do a lot of different things to lose weight, however to have lasting results you have to work on habit change. If you don’t do this then often times you’ll gain the weight back – not good. By working on changing your habits and becoming the type of person that stays fit, you’ll have lasting results. Just remember this – it took much longer than a few days to develop your current habits, so it will take a fair amount of time to develop new ones.

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