Having FUN While Working Out

I’m pumped up right now!

I just finished up teaching the Total Bodyworks class at the North Shore Wisconsin Athletic Club and it was so much fun!

We started with a short, 5 minute, in-place warm up working on some basic body weight movements.

After the warm up we progressed to some strength training exercises with light dumbbells – performing exercises such as squats, shoulder presses, and rows.

To follow up the strength training we did a bit more cardiovascular work. Half of the group did some core development exercises while the other half did some different movement exercises up and down the gym floor.

This portion of the class took up the majority of the time. It was a solid workout and a great way to start off a Saturday.

What differed in this class from other ones was what we did at the end.

I wanted the class to have a bit of, dare I say it, FUN while working out. Too often times exercise becomes a chore and something we don’t look forward to doing. However, mixing things up a bit and playing some type of game can be a very enjoyable time.

For this class what we did for the last 5 minutes or so was play a game called Blob Tag – a game I learned about while interning in San Diego, California this past summer. During the game participants were able to run around a bit and get more cardiovascular work in without even noticing it.

The best part of this last 5 minutes was that it was FUN – people were laughing and having a good time.

To make exercise more enjoyable I encourage you to add some fun to your workouts. Maybe that means playing some games with your kids or completing a workout challenge with a friend. Whatever it is the important thing is that you are exercising, staying fit, and enjoying life. 

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Have a great day!




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