6 Carb Articles You Should Read

Oh yes, carbs – those macronutrients that everyone is going so crazy over.

With the discussion of carbs comes up a plethora of questions:

  • How many should I consume?
  • Do they make me fat?
  • Are they bad?
  • When should I eat them?

I’ll admit, my view on carbs has definitely changed over time. Depending on what your goal is, your carb intake will vary greatly.

There are so many different opinions on carbs, so I’ll let you read a few quality articles to help shape your opinion:

  1. Carb Controversy: Why Low Carb Diets Have Got It All Wrong – Precision Nutrition
  2. All About Carb Cycling – Precision Nutrition
  3. Should You Eat Carbs And Fat Together – Muscle Evo
  4. All About Carbohydrates – Precision Nutrition
  5. Fat-Burning Machine: Easy Carb Cycling For A Better Body – Scrawny to Brawny
  6. EFS Classic: Carb Back-loading – Elite FTS

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