3 Steps Towards Improved Nutrition

From the time I was in the 4th grade all the way through college I have played sports.

I’ve played baseball, basketball, football, and done track and field.

One of the luxuries of being this physically active growing up was the ability to eat pretty much whatever I wanted and stay lean – not the same story today.

Since finishing up my athletics career I’ve definitely noticed some changes – I’m not quite as lean, not quite as strong, and not nearly as active.

Do I still lift weights, run sprints, and stay physically active? Of course I do.

However, the volume of physical activity I’m performing every day is nothing in comparison to training 2-3+ hours every day for my sport.

meat-and-vegetablesWith this reduction in physical activity the topic of nutrition becomes much more important. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if you were once an athlete and now are finished up or if you never played any sports at all – nutrition greatly determines how you look and feel.

I’m sure you realize how important nutrition is to staying lean, being healthy, and feeling great. If you don’t, let me tell you this – NUTRITION IS IMPORTANT!

It is one thing to know how important your nutrition is, but it is quite another thing to actually work on improving it.

That is why I’m giving you 3 steps to help you improve your nutrition today.

  1. Set your goal. Are you trying to gain muscle? Lose fat? Maintain a healthy diet? Your goal will dictate your nutrition. Once you know where you want to get to you can determine your process to get there. After choosing your main goal pick 1 process goal to start on this week. An example of this would be to eat 4 cups of veggies every day – pick something small to start with and progress from there.
  2. Dominate the grocery store. If a food is in your house, you are going to eat it – plain and simple. Don’t keep foods in your house that aren’t helping you achieve your goal. Prepare a list before you go to the grocery store and stick to it – this habit alone can help you drastically improve your nutrition.
  3. Prepare for difficult situations. Do you get really hungry in the afternoon and eat a candy bar? Or do you go out with friends every day and eat way too much? Perhaps you are rushed in the morning and grab a donut or something quick to eat? There are situations we encounter every day that make it difficult for us to eat healthy. The key to dealing with these situations is to prepare ahead of time. You could pack some healthy snacks and bring them to work or plan one cheat day per week to eat that bowl of ice cream you have been craving. When you are rushed and don’t have time to prepare a meal you cold drink a protein shake. If you know you have a busy week ahead of you, prepare your meals on Sunday to have healthy meals on hand.

There are many ways to work on improving your nutrition, but getting started somewhere is crucial.

You don’t have to worry about having the perfect diet, just work on improving your current habits.

Do you need some more help improving your nutrition?

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Have a great day!


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