Top 5 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

Strength TrainingHow do you make exercise a habit?

This question is one I’m faced with daily and I’m constantly trying to find the best answer.

Making exercise a habit is challenging for many people – especially if you have never had any success exercising consistently in the past.

Heck, even if you have exercised consistently at a previous time in your life it can still be difficult to make it a habit now.

I mean sure it may have been easy back in college to workout 4, 5, or 6 days a week, but what happens when you have a busy job, a spouse, kids, and a completely different lifestyle?

How can you make exercise a habit with so many things taking up your time and pulling you in a million different directions?

Well, I’ll help you out and give you the top 5 ways to make exercise a habit for the rest of your life.

  1. Make exercise a priority. This absolutely has to be number 1. If you want to make exercise a habit you have to first make it a priority. If you look at exercise as something that would “be nice to do” or something to do “when you can” then it’ll never become a habit for you. Exercise has to be a priority for you – simple as that.
  2. Start slow and focus on progress. The key for anyone to make exercise a habit is to start slow. This is especially true for beginners, but it really applies to anyone. Any time I’ve tried to do way too much I’ve fallen off my routine and become inconsistent. Starting slow and then focusing on progress is the key if you really want to make exercise a habit for life.
  3. Keep a Workout Log. I’ve found with my own training that whenever I’ve logged my workouts I have had much more success with staying consistent. Keeping track of your workouts doesn’t have to be complicated, just write down what you did that day in a notebook or in a spreadsheet – easy as that.
  4. Get a Workout Partner. I really can’t stress enough how much it helps to have a workout partner to keep you accountable for your workouts. You could hire a trainer, join a boot camp class, or simply workout with a friend. Whatever you choose realize that having another person to help you stay accountable will go a long ways in making exercise a habit for you.
  5. Make Exercising Fun. Yup, I said it – fun and exercising in the same sentence. Exercising shouldn’t be something you dread. Make it fun by trying something new, having a competition with a friend, or playing a sport. There are really an endless amount of ways you can stay active, just be creative and find a way to make exercising fun.

Need some help making exercise a habit?

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