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Rashard Mendenhall Retiring at 26: One Important Lesson

NFL running back Rashard Mendenhall announced his retirement today – no big deal right?

Well, Rashard Mendenhall is only 26 years old – young by NFL standards – and so the story of his retirement from the NFL after 6 seasons has become a big deal.

He was a former 1st round draft pick for the Steelers and after 6 seasons has decided to call it quits – announcing it in his blog post for the Huffington Post. Continue reading

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What Makes You Happy?

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When I was growing up I always wanted to be a professional athlete.

I thought that there was no other profession that would make me happier.

I’m not sure exactly when the day was that I realized this was not in the cards for me, but I do know that for a period of time I was lost. Continue reading

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It’s Your Life, What Will You Do With It?

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This is one of the 6 or 7 quotes I have up on my wall in my bedroom and I look at it basically everyday.

It sounds simple enough, but we really don’t spend enough time thinking about what we actually want in our lives – not some dream of our parents, our friends, or anybody else, but we want.

Do I think that there is just one thing I want to do for the rest of my life? No, I think there are many things and that is the beauty of it – we can decided what we want – it is our choice not anybody else’s. Continue reading

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Having FUN While Working Out

I’m pumped up right now!

I just finished up teaching the Total Bodyworks class at the North Shore Wisconsin Athletic Club and it was so much fun!

We started with a short, 5 minute, in-place warm up working on some basic body weight movements.

After the warm up we progressed to some strength training exercises with light dumbbells – performing exercises such as squats, shoulder presses, and rows.
To follow up the strength training we did a bit more cardiovascular work. Half of the group did some core development exercises while the other half did some different movement exercises up and down the gym floor. Continue reading

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Elon Musk: Constant Improvement

This is one of the picture quotes I have up on my wall in my room and it really hammers home the idea of constant improvement which I believe so strongly in. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla (I talked … Continue reading

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Getting Back On Track

After having to do a couple of S.U.D.S. workouts the last week or two I was finally able to get back on track today – completing some heavy squats, presses, pull ups, and auxiliary work.

I’d been in a bit of a funk recently with my workouts, due in large part to a lack of sleep and a low amount of energy from my current low-carb diet (I’ll talk more about the specifics later), but today felt great! Today felt like a brand new beginning.

Many people deal with the same situation I was in the last week – lack of sleep, elevated stress levels, and an unwillingness to workout. Continue reading

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Seth Godin: 16 Insights That Will Change The Way You Think About Money

Money is something we all need – there is really no way around that.

More importantly though, money allows us to live the lifestyle we want.

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and speaker Seth Godin is one of the brilliant minds of the world and he wrote about 16 things to keep in mind with money.

In my quest to help you live life to the fullest, I’ve provided the link to the article by Seth Godin here. Take a look and let me know what you think. Continue reading

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Striving For Greatness

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I firmly believe that everyone has greatness within them.

There are so many things that hold us back from greatness, but one thing in particular that prevents us from being great is our tendency to be realistic.

Of course, in some situations you need to be realistic – let’s be honest, you can’t just jump off a bridge and expect that you’ll fly (Without any help at least). Continue reading

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Avoiding Complacency: Never Stop Learning and Growing

We all get complacent at times – staying in our comfort zones and taking the path of least resistance.

This way of life is easy, but also something we have to be careful to avoid.

As we become complacent more and more we stop learning, we stop growing, and we settle for mediocrity. Continue reading

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The Importance of Perfection

I have a love/hate relationship with perfection.

On one hand perfection is crippling.

We see examples of how crippling perfection can be every day. If you want a real world example just look at a few magazines.

The people on the cover are often photo-shopped to make them appear to be “perfect” in the eyes of society.

This standard of perfection is seen by millions of people which henceforth causes problems like eating disorders. Continue reading

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