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Don’t Quit

I’m not going to lie to you – coming up with new blog posts has been very difficult at times and today is one of those times.

As part of my 400 posts in 400 days challenge I have been continuously posting new content on blog every, single, day.

Some days, like today for instance, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything till late at night. However, even on these days when I am tired, worn out from my day, and just want to relax a bit more, I’m still posting something to my blog. Continue reading

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How Bad Do You Want Success?

We need continual motivation – some people more so than others. This particular video is one of a few I’ve seen quite frequently and it always gets me going. There are so many things you can do to achieve success, … Continue reading

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What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone to accomplish their goal is to take the necessary steps to get started.

Often times we feel like the things we really, truly want in life are unattainable and with this thinking we end up never even trying to go after them – this is a shame.

Is life filled with failure? Of course it is, but who cares? Why should one failure stop you from trying another time? Continue reading

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2 Step Game Plan to Make a Big Change in Your Life

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I just finished up reading a bit more of the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard and I must say it is really insightful thus far.

I’ve been interested in reading this book, a #1 New York Times Best Seller, for a few months now and I finally have gotten around to doing so.

I’m about 100 pages in, but I already found a bunch of things I could share with you.

For today, I want to share with you a simple game plan from the book that you can use to help you make a change in your life, or help you influence others to change. Continue reading

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My Workout Playlist

I don’t always listen to music while I workout, but when I do I prefer the following playlist: It has songs for my warm up, the workout itself, and the cool down – the perfect combination! Although this is only … Continue reading

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A Short Motivational Video To Get You Going

Everyone needs to be motivated. Some people are more self motivated than others, but even they need to find ways to stay motivated to achieve greatness in their lives. Today, I give to you a video I first saw a … Continue reading

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Kobe Bryant’s Insane Work Ethic: An Example For Athletes Everywhere

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I’ve always been fascinated to know what professional athletes do to prepare for a season.

Growing up I played basketball and football. I would constantly look up what NFL and NBA players were doing to get ready for their respective season and I’d pull some things away from there to use in my own training. Furthermore, I was always inspired by how much time they committed to getting better at their sports.

Professional athletes are the best at what they do – they are the elite. Even the bench warmers in the NBA still are extremely good basketball players (Though some people may argue with me on this point). Continue reading

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Never Giving Up on a Dream

This quote by Earl Nightingale is one of my favorites and I think about it daily, but why this one? Why this specific quote?

There are thousands of great quotes out there; they help motivate us, inspire us, and become a big part of us, but this one just seemed to resonate with me more than many others. Continue reading

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Anything is Possible

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Yesterday I was able to catch up for a bit with my best friend, Zach, in Oshkosh.

Every time we see each other we are always getting hyped up about different things in life – Zach with his music (He creates AMAZING covers of songs on YouTube you can see here. Seriously, you should click on the link to check them out and if you regret it you can blame me.) and me with my career in the fitness industry.

We always talk about many different topics like how we’ll succeed in our careers, the visions we have for our lives, places we’d like to travel to, girls – you know, best friend stuff.

One common denominator this time was this: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Continue reading

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How to Stay Motivated

Come January you will probably have some type of New Year’s resolution. You’ll be extremely excited about the fresh start and a brand new year. The first day you will be hyped up and ready to go, but what happens … Continue reading

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