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Automobile University

Zig Ziglar, one of the most inspirational motivational speakers every, had a method of learning he called “Automobile University”.

With all the driving that people do on a daily basis Zig believed that we could learn a tremendous amount by listening to educational programs as we drive – our very own Automobile University.

The best part about this university is that it is FREE. Even better than that, we get to choose exactly what “classes” we take – we create our own major. Continue reading

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10 Books That Will Change Your Life

December is the perfect time of the year to read a book that could change your life forever. If you are a college student you will finish up with those dreaded final exams and then have a month off of … Continue reading

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Your Personal Mission Statement – Crafting A Vision for Your Life

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A few weeks ago, while reading First Things First by Stephen R. Covey, I came to a chapter of the book called “The Passion of Vision.”

I feel like this chapter alone could have been the reason why this book was a New York Times Bestseller. Seriously, it is that empowering.

In this section of the book Covey writes about “Creating and Living an Empowering Mission Statement.”

Now, this chapter should really interest you, but why? Continue reading

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How to Organize Your Life Using Evernote

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As part of my blog I want to let you know of cool, useful websites, apps, and tools to help you make your life EPIC. In the spirit of this, my first suggestion is an app called Evernote. Not only is it an app, but it is a website and the two are integrated to allow you to seamlessly share information between your phone and your computer.

I’ll admit, I’m somewhat of a forgetful person. My mom probably knows this best, but when I was told to do something growing up there was a tendency for me not to do it, unless I wrote it down. I was not simply a rebel child trying to piss her off; I legitimately would forget.

Knowing my tendency to forget things, I started using Evernote. After all, their slogan is “Remember everything”. Continue reading

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Conquering the World: Leveraging Your Time to do More

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Your time is extremely valuable and it can seem like you never have enough of it. For me, I’m always trying to find ways to learn more and be more productive.

When I was in college my schedule was pretty jam packed. Being a student as well as an athlete meant that I had to get homework done, study for tests, work on group projects, go to practice and games, attend meetings and on top of that try to have somewhat of social life. This really didn’t leave much time for doing other things I enjoyed like leisure reading or learning a foreign language. Not until after I finished up my last season of football, however, did I find a way to learn more each day and really get the most value out of my time. Continue reading

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