Just For Fun

In the spirit of helping you in others areas of your life besides fitness and nutrition I created this page of some really cool sites. Ok, some of them may have a bit about fitness or nutrition, but I had to include them.

They are good, really good. So good in fact that I’m willing to have you leave my blog, if just for a moment, so that you can check them out.

Are these sites random? Yes, no doubt. However in helping enhance your life I feel that it would be an injustice to not show you these sites.

I’ll write about some of these more in my blog, but for now, check them out.

Here is the list in no particular order:

  1. http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/ The blog of Tim Ferris, one of the coolest guys around and my favorite author. You can get lost for days on his site, so beware.
  2. https://www.sidetour.com/ Want to do something fun? This site is all about helping you find amazing experiences.
  3. http://www.usatf.org/routes/map/ I don’t always go running around the neighborhood, but when I do I prefer using this site to see how far I actually went.
  4. http://evernote.com I’ve talked about this post in a blog post before. I really do use it every single day. Worth checking out? I think so.
  5. https://www.godiva.com/get-rewards Did you know that if you join the GODIVA Chocolate Rewards Club you get a free piece of chocolate every month? Just sign up and go to the store to get your chocolate. Will you probably end up buying more chocolate? Sure, but that is not all bad is it?
  6. http://lifehacker.com/ This is another one of those sites you could spend hours on, so beware.
  7. https://www.uber.com/ Very interesting idea for traveling around bigger cities. Something I’ll look into more and more.
  8. http://www.vagabloggers.com/Topics/van-dwelling/ Do you like adventure? This way of traveling is definitely adventurous. I stumbled on this site one day and was instantly intrigued.
  9. http://www.onefinestay.com/ This is only available in a couple cities, but if you happen to want to travel to these places then this site is definitely worth a look.
  10. https://www.rescuetime.com/ Super cool way to track how you spend your time on the internet. For some of you the results will be SHOCKING!
  11. http://www.picmonkey.com/ Want to post cool pictures with words on them on the internet? This is the site I use for it.
  12. https://hootsuite.com/ Are you running some type of business? This site makes it super easy to handle all of your social media posts. I’ve used it for a few months now and love it!

Well, I hope you enjoy these sites. Are there other ones I use? Sure. I’ll add some more in time.

What cool sites do you go to frequently? Leave a comment and let me know!

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