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Top 5 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

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How do you make exercise a habit?

This question is one I’m faced with daily and I’m constantly trying to find the best answer.

Making exercise a habit is challenging for many people – especially if you have never had any success exercising consistently in the past.

Heck, even if you have exercised consistently at a previous time in your life it can still be difficult to make it a habit now. Continue reading

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The Number 1 Key To Exercise For Beginners

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When I first began working out I had no idea what I was doing.

I’d throw together a bunch of random exercises, work until I was really tired, and call it a day.

I tried to do way too much at once and within a few weeks I stopped all the exercise I was doing. Continue reading

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3 Simple Reasons To Exercise This Wisconsin Winter

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Today in Milwaukee it is a brisk 7 degrees outside right now – another below freezing winter day in Milwaukee.

Though it may be a bit below the average temperature this time of year, this cold is expected. Those of us living in Milwaukee know that in winter it will be cold – rather obvious.

With the cold weather many people go into hibernation mode. I mean, let’s be honest, it is a whole lot easier to just stay at home, stay warm, and not worry about staying fit . Lazy days are the norm for many people during Milwaukee winters. Continue reading

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The S.U.D.S. Workout

One of my clients really wasn’t feeling too great this week.

He was dealing with some stomach issues, nothing serious, but contemplated cancelling a session to just take it easy for a day.

This is a common thing for many people – we don’t feel 100% so we skip a workout. I without a doubt have those days. Feeling tired, worn out, and just wanting to relax I’ll sometimes skip workouts – I’ll admit to it, I’m human. Continue reading

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Top 5 Benefits Of Push Ups

I always seem to get the same, discouraged, look when I tell my clients we are doing push ups.

This is understandable – push ups are difficult for a lot of people, especially beginners and women, so of course people are hesitant.

However, the benefits of push ups are too great not to include them in your own workout program – regardless of your ability level. Continue reading

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Are You Insane?

Insanity has been defined by Albert Einstein as this:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Using this definition I would say that many of us are insane – or at least have insane behaviors. Continue reading

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How To Exercise In 30 Minutes…Per Week

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You’re busy – I get that.

You don’t have the time to spend 2 hours a day in the gym – nor do you probably want to.

You still want to get in better shape – lose body fat, drop the weight that has been creeping up on you the last few weeks, months, or years, but what should you do?

How should you exercise if you simply don’t have that much time to commit?

To describe it in one word I’d say this – efficiently. Continue reading

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10 Tips to Make Exercising a Habit for Life

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I’m a personal trainer and former athlete. I have been active throughout my entire life, however I do understand something – not everyone likes to exercise. You may be one of those people.Maybe you had a bad experience with exercising in gym class. Maybe you don’t like to sweat. Maybe you dislike the smell of a fitness center. Maybe you have just never been in that great of shape and always found exercising difficult. Heck, maybe you just don’t really know how to exercise and so you simply do nothing instead.

You might wonder how other people can work out so much. How can they do it every single week, month, and year? I promise they are human beings just like you and not some crazy different species. To help you better understand how some people can work out consistently and others can never seem to hit their stride you first have to understand this: there are no set rules for what you have to do for exercise. Continue reading

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