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What Makes You Happy?

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When I was growing up I always wanted to be a professional athlete.

I thought that there was no other profession that would make me happier.

I’m not sure exactly when the day was that I realized this was not in the cards for me, but I do know that for a period of time I was lost. Continue reading

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Finding Happiness Every Day

I’m back at the Colectivo Coffee Cafe again for the second day in a row to get some work done.

The Lakefront location of this cafe is in the historic Milwaukee River Flushing Station – a building that has been around since 1888.

It is definitely a building to marvel at with its exposed brick, tall ceilings, and unique design features, not to mention its location right on Lake Michigan.

I’m a sucker for interesting design and architecture and I’ll drive the extra 20 minutes for that aspect of the Colectivo Cafe alone. Continue reading

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Happiness, Will Smith, and 100 Influential Fitness People

Today, I have a hodgepodge of items for you to take a look at. I like to have some spontaneity in my life and I just felt like sharing with you a few of the hundreds of things I have bookmarked in my browser.

The first thing I have to share with you is an article on the subject happiness. More specifically thinking about the idea of money making you happy – worth taking a look at for sure. Continue reading

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What Excites You?

I’m jacked up today even more than normal.

My excitement level is through the roof for a few of reasons:

It is the first day of workouts for a bunch of people I’m training online

I’ll be training my dad for the first time ever (A little at home workout session with resistance bands and body weight)

It is day one of my 8 week challenge to lose as much body fat as possible (I wanted to test my own limits a bit, so I figured why not start the year off with a little 8 week challenge) Continue reading

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Expressing Gratitude – An Important Key to Happiness

Ultimately the point of life is to be happy. We have a variety of ways we go about doing this, but one way or another we want to be happy. The following video is one I found a month or … Continue reading

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