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A Short Motivational Video To Get You Going

Everyone needs to be motivated. Some people are more self motivated than others, but even they need to find ways to stay motivated to achieve greatness in their lives. Today, I give to you a video I first saw a … Continue reading

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How to Live EPIC

So, you want to live EPIC? You want more from life than just an average existence? I’m one of those people who has always wanted MORE; never wanting to accept a mediocre life. To help you in your quest of … Continue reading

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Conquering the World: Leveraging Your Time to do More

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Your time is extremely valuable and it can seem like you never have enough of it. For me, I’m always trying to find ways to learn more and be more productive.

When I was in college my schedule was pretty jam packed. Being a student as well as an athlete meant that I had to get homework done, study for tests, work on group projects, go to practice and games, attend meetings and on top of that try to have somewhat of social life. This really didn’t leave much time for doing other things I enjoyed like leisure reading or learning a foreign language. Not until after I finished up my last season of football, however, did I find a way to learn more each day and really get the most value out of my time. Continue reading

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