About Me

DSC_0773My name is Justin Gordon.

If you and I were sitting down for a delightful cup of coffee and, not really knowing me, you asked me to tell you about myself, I would say the following.

First and foremost, I would tell you how much I love people.

People are everything in this world. I can’t find words that convey strongly enough how much my family and friends mean to me. I value my relationships with these people over everything else.

I also thoroughly enjoy meeting new people. Everyone has their own story with their own unique experiences and I’m fascinated by this. You can learn something from everyone you meet and I think this is great!

Secondly, I would let you know some of the things I am passionate about, those things that make me tick, the reasons why I can’t wait to get up each morning.

One of the biggest passions I have in life is helping people get the most out of life. I’m not just saying this to say it, I truly mean it. I’m convinced that everyone has the ability to live a life that they absolutely love; a healthy life full of meaningful  relationships, a great perspective, and one where they can do what they are passionate about on a daily basis.

I would tell you that if I didn’t love helping people I would not have become a personal trainer. I would not have gotten a degree in exercise sports science. I would not spend hours upon hours writing every week to share thoughts and ideas that could help you improve your life. I would not spend the amount of time I do learning from other top professionals or reading books on fitness, nutrition, and personal development.

You see, all these things are valuable to me because I know they will allow me to become better at helping other people. The joy of seeing someone achieve what they never thought possible, or helping someone pursue their true passions in life, makes all the hard work I put in worth it to me.

San Fran with Justin

Visiting San Francisco with one of my good friends.

If you wanted to know more about some of my passions in life or things I enjoy doing here is a list:

  1. Learning – We have a tremendous capacity to learn new things. One of the best ways to learn more every day can be found here. I find it amazing that now a days you can learn pretty much anything you want…for free. Ahh the power of technology.
  2. Traveling – This is something I love more than almost anything else. The world is so big, but I want to see it all.
  3. Dancing – Nothing too official or organized here, but dancing with friends is something I love to do.
  4. Playing Board Games – This may make me a bit of a nerd, but I don’t care. I’m rather competitive and I find board games to be great fun. I enjoy playing the classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, and Clue, but my favorite is The Settlers of Catan. If you haven’t played it before I must warn you – It is freakishly addicting.
  5. “Doing Stuff” – Going to shows, movies, or sporting events, bowling, mini golfing (I want to learn how to actually golf and would appreciate help with that), tubing, or anything else really. I just enjoy “doing stuff”. There are endless possibilities for fun out there and I try to make use of as many as I can.

You would eventually want to know how I started in this industry and who I’ve trained.

I officially started as a trainer in 2012. Prior to that I wrote workout programs for friends and tested workouts on myself for years.

I’ve been able to work with a wide variety of clients since I became a personal trainer. These clients range from middle school athletes all the way up to 60+ year old ladies and, I’ll be honest, I’ve had fun working with every single one of them.

One of the best experiences I have had as a trainer was interning with Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California. I was lucky enough to be able to watch professional athletes such as Drew Brees, Alex Smith, Darren Sproles, Derek Cox, and Chase Daniel go through their workouts.

This was an eye-opening experience and one I’ll take with me the rest of my life.

Best Friends

My best friend, Zach, and I

Lastly, after telling you all of this I would tell you just a few more random, quick things.

  • I’m from Brown Deer, Wisconsin
  • I’m silly, a bit random at times, and, I suppose, a little sassy
  • I enjoy making people laugh
  • At the time of writing this I’m 23 years old
  • I played football from the 4th grade through college
  • I have the greatest best friend of all time who is a BOSS when it comes to music. Check out his YouTube Channel
  • One of my friends/mentors was killed in 2012 and it had a tremendous influence on how I now live my life every day
  • I used to hate writing, but since starting to write in a journal daily about a year ago I have grown to love it
  • I am the co-owner of EPIC lifestyle, LLC
  • In 8th grade my basketball team made it to nationals
  • I have a 9lb dog named Benji
  • I hate spiders – Honestly, who really likes them? I tend to avoid them at all costs
  • My favorite actor is Will Smith – He is the man. End of story.
  • I love life – the ups and the downs
  • My future plans are to travel the world, meet some really cool people, and help make other people’s lives better through my writing as well as my coaching as a personal trainer

That is what I would tell you inside that nice coffee shop as we have a great morning cup of coffee. However, I would want to know more about you, so tell me a bit about yourself. I’d love to hear it!

Also, if you are interested in learning more, I highly suggest you subscribe to my EPIC community of people looking to get fit, get healthy, and live life to the fullest.

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