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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: 60 Day Juice Fast With HUGE Results

Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

This documentary followed the journey of an Australian man named Joe Cross who went on a 60 day juice fast to help him lose weight and regain his health.

The documentary was really quite inspiring.

Joe ended up losing 100 pounds and getting off of all his medications – all from juicing – drinking only fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

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3 Simple Reasons To Exercise This Wisconsin Winter

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Today in Milwaukee it is a brisk 7 degrees outside right now – another below freezing winter day in Milwaukee.

Though it may be a bit below the average temperature this time of year, this cold is expected. Those of us living in Milwaukee know that in winter it will be cold – rather obvious.

With the cold weather many people go into hibernation mode. I mean, let’s be honest, it is a whole lot easier to just stay at home, stay warm, and not worry about staying fit . Lazy days are the norm for many people during Milwaukee winters. Continue reading

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A Little Motivation For You

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5’6″ High School QB Earns A Big 12 Scholarship

We all lose our motivation to do things – life gets in the way and we lose sight of what we really want. We get side tracked and fall off the path we know we should be on.

It is now the middle of February and how many of you are still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you have fallen off, don’t worry, you can always get things going again today.

To give you a bit of motivation to keep persevering I’ll share with you an inspirational story I found recently. Continue reading

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Celebrating The Small Victories


For most people this number means absolutely nothing.

For one of my clients, Mark, this number represents a great deal – hard work, dedication, a changed lifestyle, and a small victory.

This number, 219.6, is what Mark currently weighs – a weight he hasn’t been at in more than 20 years! Continue reading

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Striving For Greatness

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I firmly believe that everyone has greatness within them.

There are so many things that hold us back from greatness, but one thing in particular that prevents us from being great is our tendency to be realistic.

Of course, in some situations you need to be realistic – let’s be honest, you can’t just jump off a bridge and expect that you’ll fly (Without any help at least). Continue reading

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Avoiding Complacency: Never Stop Learning and Growing

We all get complacent at times – staying in our comfort zones and taking the path of least resistance.

This way of life is easy, but also something we have to be careful to avoid.

As we become complacent more and more we stop learning, we stop growing, and we settle for mediocrity. Continue reading

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How To Find Inspiration To Succeed At Anything

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At the beginning of the summer before my 8th grade season of basketball I attended a basketball camp.

Like many of the camps I ended up attending in middle school as well as in high school there was a guest speaker.

This particular camp was the Brown Deer Basketball Camp and so the speaker was Steve Novak, current NBA basketball player and a Brown Deer High School graduate. Continue reading

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Jerry Rice’s Work Ethic: How He Became The G.O.A.T.

Jerry Rice’s nickname is The G.O.A.T. – The Greatest of all Time.

He is quite possibly the greatest football player the NFL has ever seen – holding plenty of NFL receiving records. However, what is most interesting to me is how he was able to do so.

Jerry Rice didn’t just play well for a couple of seasons, he consistently played at an elite level, better than anyone else, year after year after year after year after year (I think you get the point). Continue reading

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E:60 Marshawn Lynch – Beast Mode

With the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl I thought it would be cool to have you watch this story on running back Marshawn Lynch. He is the guy with one of the most memorable runs of all time in … Continue reading

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